Since our platform has an integration with your payroll provider, we can take a lot of work off your plate regarding the processing of your payroll files through automation (yay!). This guide will help you set up your integration as well as understand your specific responsibilities for the proper submission of payroll files. Even though your payroll provider is integrated with our platform, all Employers have ongoing requirements to make sure the content is correct.

What is a payroll integration?

A payroll integration is a process in which OregonSaves will receive demographic information about your employees and their after-tax Roth IRA Contributions via an automated feed directly from Heartland on each pay date.

What is a 180 payroll integration?

This is a one-way integration in which we will receive information directly from your payroll system; however, we can not send information back. For example, after you run your payroll, the integration will automatically send your employee's Roth deferrals for contribution into their OregonSaves IRA accounts. However, all deferral changes made by employees will have to be updated manually by you, the employer, in the payroll system.

How do I initiate my integration setup?

Prior to initiating your integration setup: 

Please be sure you have completed your OregonSaves onboarding prior to completing the below instructions. To complete the Onboarding process, see this article.

1. Login to your OregonSaves portal and be sure your payment method is listed as Bank Account via ACH (if you have not done so already). If you are unsure where to make this update please see this article and select the drop down from "How do you want to fund your pay group?" 

* This option allows OregonSaves to pull the total contribution amount directly from your bank account.  The ACH will process automatically each time your payroll company submits a contribution on your behalf.  To ensure timely remittance of funds after each payroll, this ACH setup is required when using Payroll Integrations.

2. To initiate your integration setup, please reach to Heartland at: 401k.productsupport@e-hps.com to request the integration.

Please note - You are still responsible for submitting contributions directly to your OregonSaves portal until the payroll integration has been confirmed.

⚠️ If you have recently switched payroll providers to Heartland and your first payroll run with Heartland is also your first payroll with OregonSaves, your integration may not be active for this first payroll date. You may be required to manually submit your first payroll manually in the OregonSaves portal.

Even though your payroll provider is integrated with our platform, all employers have ongoing requirements to make sure the content is correct. This guide will help you maintain your integration as well as understand your specific responsibilities for the proper submission of payroll files.

What are my responsibilities if my company has an active payroll integration? 

  • Employee Deferrals
  • Pay Groups
    • Once your integration is active, you will no longer be able to edit pay groups in the portal as this can disrupt the processing of contributions, learn more here. For further assistance, please contact clientservices@oregonsaves.com.
  • Employee Status Changes
    • Make updates in your payroll system when employees are hired, terminated, or re-hired, etc.
  • Employee Personal Information
    • Include complete, accurate, and up-to-date personal information within your payroll system for any new employees. This includes date of birth, social security number, home address and email address. Once your employees are enrolled in OregonSaves, you won’t be able to change their personal information in the program. The employee will be responsible for making any changes directly in their OregonSaves portal. Editing Employee Data
  • Pay Frequency/Schedule Changes
    • If you change your pay frequency or pay schedule, log into the OregonSaves portal to update your payroll records with the program.  Editing Payroll Setup
  • Review Payroll Data
    • We rely on you to provide us with correct, updated, and complete data about your employees regardless of whether we receive that data directly from you or from your payroll provider. Regular audits and spot checks of the data provided to us, as well as completed contributions, will help you quickly identify and rectify any discrepancies.
  • Contribution Validation Errors

What does OregonSaves handle for me if my company has an active payroll integration?

  • Processing Contributions
    • OregonSaves will receive contributions from your payroll provider each pay period on your scheduled pay date. If you process an off cycle contribution, those will typically be processed the next business day. 
  • Employee Status Changes
    • When you add employees in your payroll system, the changes will be reflected in the portal within 1-2 business days after the next pay date. New Employees then have 30 days to decide if they will participate in the OregonSaves program. They will automatically be notified of their enrollment, along with their participation options, via email or physical mail.

Will Heartland charge me any fees to set up and/or maintain my payroll integration?

Please talk with your Heartland representative to find out about any fees that may apply.  OregonSaves will not charge you to facilitate this integration.