Bank Accounts

The bank account information that your company will use to fund the contributions may be edited at any time. To add a new bank or edit existing bank information, please navigate to the Bank Accounts tab.

Adding a new Bank Account

For new bank information, please select the Add Bank Account button. 


From there, a pop-up box will display and you will have the option to link bank accounts by 'Direct Bank Bank Connection' using Plaid or you can select 'Enter Bank Information' 

  • Direct Bank Connection: This allows you to use Plaid and select your bank and log in with your username and password to authenticate the connection. 


There are a few banks that you can choose from or you can use the 'Search' menu to find your bank.


  • Enter Bank Information: This allows you to enter your bank information manually by filling in the following fields:
    • Bank Name - Type the full name of your bank
    • Routing Number - The first set of numbers on the lower-left corner of a check is the routing number. Keep in mind the routing numbers are 9-digit codes, and the character symbol surrounding the numbers is not part of the routing number on a check.  Contact your bank for further assistance. 
    • Account Number - Your company's unique account number with the bank.
    • Re-Enter Account Number - Re-enter your Account Number a second time to be sure the number matches.  To avoid typos, do not copy and paste this value from the Account Number field.


Once all fields have been completed, please select the Add Account button. 


After adding the bank account, the information entered will display in a box within the Bank Accounts tab (see below).

Updating Existing Bank Account Information

You may click on the Edit link at any time should you need to update or change the bank information saved in the portal. 


Note: When a bank account is added by Plaid, the account cannot be edited. Notice there is no Edit option on the listed bank information and it will say 'Added via Plaid'


Email Notifications

Whenever you update your banking information, administrators for your company will receive an email confirmation.