The Transition Is Complete... What Do I Do to Get Started?

Welcome to the new OregonSaves Employer Portal! 

Now that the new employer experience is live, you need to do just a few things to get started using the new employee portal.  Follow the step-by-step instructions below to set up your new user credentials and activate your company in the new portal.  You'll need to complete the activities listed in this article before you can process any upcoming payroll contributions.

1.  Reinstating your user credentials

We are asking all users to reinstate their login credentials in the new portal for the safety and security of your company's data.

To start, you will need:

  • the EIN of the company (the EIN is your business' IRS issued Tax ID Number),
  • the invite code provided in the invitation to register, and
  • a valid email address (this will be your user ID going forward)

Accessing the portal: 

Begin this process by clicking on the portal link in your email invitation OR navigate directly to

Company Look-up:

At the Company Look-up screen, enter your business EIN and Invite Code. Then press Begin


Once you've entered the accurate EIN and Invite Code combination for your company, you will proceed to the next step. 

Setting your User Login ID

In the Personal Email field, enter the email address you'd like to use to sign in to the OregonSaves employer portal. You will also receive ongoing communication from OregonSaves at this email address.


Click the Continue button to move on to the next screen and set your password.

Setting your Password

We require that each password has the following characteristics:

  • Avoids simple or obvious words (such as password)
  • Has at least 8 characters
  • Has at least 1 uppercase letter
  • Has at least 1 lowercase letter
  • Has at least 1 number
  • Has at least 1 special character

As you enter your desired password, the checklist in the UI will update when an item from the list is fulfilled.


Once you've met all password requirements, the Set Password button will be enabled.


Click on the Set Password button to move to the last step.

Platform Terms of Use


Please review the Terms of Use and click on the I Agree to the Terms Stated Above button to complete your user registration.  

You'll then be signed in and redirected to the Employer Dashboard, where you can begin verifying and enriching your company information to enable the NEW OregonSaves.

You'll also receive an email from confirming your user registration. 

Do you own or manage more than one company that wants to register for OregonSaves?  If so, click here to find out how to register additional companies and link all your companies under a single login ID and Password.

Please note:  Only the primary owner or administrator will follow this User Registration process.  To add administrators for your company, please go to the Inviting Other Administrative Users article.

For help with common questions, please see the Trouble Shooting Registration Errors

2.  Onboarding your company for the NEW OregonSaves

Once you've finished setting up your login credentials, you'll be redirected to the Onboarding Wizard. 

Over the next few screens, you will be asked to confirm some information about your company that converted from the previous program administrator.  We'll also ask you to provide us with some additional information about your payroll provider and schedule.  


This process consists of answering a series of questions about your company that are needed for participation in OregonSaves.

  • Company Information 
    • Company name;  Basic Info;  Mailing Address
  • Payroll Setup
    • Payroll System; Pay Schedules
  • Payment Setup
    • Contributions Funding

Click on the "Continue Onboarding" button to get started

You can choose to invite another team member to help you at any point in this onboarding process. 

Just select the "Invite someone to help with payroll or administration" link on the bottom of the screen.  

Navigation Tips

  • As you navigate through the portal, you can always reach this Help Center or reach out for assistance by clicking on the Question Mark icon ( Screen_Shot_2021-07-14_at_4.21.23_PM.png).
  • To exit the portal, click on the Door icon to log out (Screen_Shot_2021-07-14_at_4.21.09_PM.png).

Confirming Company Info

There are questions on three tabs that you must confirm to complete the Company Info section of the onboarding process. To complete this section, you will be asked to review the information about your company's name, location, mailing address, and phone number.  If everything is accurate and up to date, just press the Save & Continue button on the bottom of each screen.  

Any information out of date or incomplete?  Just update it as you go!

Company Name 


Confirm that the information we have on file is correct and complete:

  • Company Legal Name - This is a required field.  Please provide the official name of the person or entity that owns a business.
  • Doing Business As (if applicable) -  This is an optional field. If your company operates using a name other than the Company Legal Name, please include that here. 

Physical Address & Phone


Confirm that the information we have on file is correct and complete:

  • Physical Address, City, State, Zip - These are required fields. Please include an address for your company that is NOT a P.O. Box.  Please note: if your company uses a P.O. Box, you'll be given the option to add that on the next page.
  • Address Line 2 - This is an optional field, which should be used to designate a Suite # or other further address information.
  • Company Phone Number - This is a required field. Please provide the main phone number for your company.

Mailing Address


Confirm that the information we have on file is correct and complete:

  • If you want to receive mail at the physical address provided, check the circle that says "Yes, send mail to....."  That address will be the same address you provided in the previous step.
  • If you prefer to receive mail at a different address, select "NO" and enter your mailing address in the address fields that appear. You may enter a P.O. Box as a mailing address.

Provide your Payroll Set Up

Complete information about your company pay frequencies & schedules.  Make sure to include all of your pay schedules, so if you pay different groups of employees on different schedules, make sure to set up all the pay schedules that apply.

Payroll System - Which payroll system do you use?


From the Payroll System drop-down, please expand the list by clicking on the arrow next to -Select-, then do one of the following:

  • Find and select your payroll provider. The payroll providers are presented alphabetically, so please scroll through the list to find your provider.
  • If your payroll provider is not listed, select "OTHER" from the list and type in the name of your payroll provider.
  • If you don't use a commercial payroll system, please select "No Payroll Provider/In-House," which is the very first option on the list.

Pay Schedule - Select when your employees are getting paid

On this screen, you will name your pay schedule and select your pay frequency.  If you have different pay schedules for different groups of employees, set up one schedule, and you will be given the option to add the others during a later step.


Name - Designate a name for this pay schedule. If you have different groups of employees paid on different schedules, the name you choose for each schedule should help you differentiate between the various schedules.  You can use any naming convention that is useful for you.

Pay Schedule - From the drop-down, select your pay frequency. Depending on which pay frequency you choose, you may be asked for additional information to identify your actual pay dates and pay schedule.  Here is a definition of each pay schedule option: 

  • Every Week - Choose this frequency if you pay employees weekly.  Once selected, you will be asked to choose which day of the week your weekly pay date occurs.OS_Transition_Comp_Get_Started_15.png
  • Every 2 Weeks - Choose this frequency if you pay your employees every other week.  Once selected, you will be asked to choose which day of the week your pay date occurs.  Then you will also be asked to choose between the next two possible pay dates so that we can derive your ongoing schedule.
  • Once a Month (Last Day) - Choose this frequency if you always pay monthly on the last day of the month, regardless of the number of days in the month (i.e., 30 days, 31 days, etc.)
  • Once a Month (Specific Date)  - Choose this frequency if you pay employees monthly on a date other than the last day of the month.
  • Twice a Month (15th & Last Day) - Choose this frequency if you always pay twice monthly on the 15th and last day of the month regardless of the number of days in the month (i.e., 30 days, 31 days, etc.)
  • Twice a month (Specific Dates) - Choose this frequency if you pay twice a month but on dates that are NOT the 15th and Last day of the month. In this case, you will be asked to provide us with your next two pay dates to help us derive the ongoing schedule.
  • No Regular Schedule - Only choose this option if you pay your employees on an ad hoc basis or your schedule is not included among the choices.    

Whichever pay schedule you select, once you have successfully entered the required fields, you will be presented with each of the 5 upcoming pay dates, calculated based on the information you shared.


Verify that the dates presented are an accurate representation of your upcoming pay schedule.  If not, confirm that you chose the correct pay frequency and entered the correct supporting information to establish your correct ongoing schedule. For example, if a pay date falls on a weekend or holiday, the business day before will be shown for that pay date.

Please note that no dates will be presented if you choose the "No Regular Schedule" option.

Setting up multiple pay schedules

If your company pays different groups of employees on different frequencies or schedules, click the Add Pay Schedule button and complete the pay schedule set up for each additional schedule. You may set up as many pay groups as necessary. Each established schedule will then appear on the screen. Please give each pay schedule a name that means something to the person who will be submitting the employees' contributions.


Payment Set-Up

Contribution Funding - How will you fund contributions for each pay schedule?

Each pay period, you will instruct OregonSaves of the retirement account contributions that you deferred from employees' paychecks.  As part of that process, the funds must be remitted to OregonSaves to deposit in participating employees' retirement accounts.  

In this section, please provide instruction on how you would like to remit those payments for each of the pay schedules created in the last step.


There are three remittance options available:

  • Bank Account via ACH - Recommended option - This option allows OregonSaves to pull the total contribution amount directly from your bank account. The ACH will process automatically each time you provide payroll contribution information into the portal. In this option, you don't need to take any action to remit the funds once you have submitted the contribution information to OregonSaves.  This is the quickest and simplest way to have the deferred funds contributed to employees' retirement accounts.  You will need to verify bank information on file OR provide new bank information when this option is selected.


  • Paper Check - In this option, you are responsible for sending in a check each time you process a contribution submission to OregonSaves for your employees. This requires you to manage the remittance process each pay period in addition to entering the contribution information into the portal.
  • ACH Push (very uncommon) - In this option, rather than OregonSaves automatically pulling the contribution amount directly from your bank account once you submit your employees' contributions, you will need to go into your banking system and send the payment to OregonSaves. This requires you to manage the remittance process each pay period in addition to entering the contribution information into the portal. 

Please note, if you will be remitting payment from different bank accounts for various groups of employees, there will need to be a pay schedule set up for each unique bank account, even if the actual pay frequency and schedule are the same.  In this case, return to the Payroll Setup page by selecting the Previous button to set up another payroll frequency if you did not already. 

Once you've provided remittance instructions for each of your pay frequencies, be sure to click "Finish Onboarding" to complete this step.


Congratulations!  Once you've completed these steps, you've now activated your NEW OregonSaves Employer Portal.