Understanding Your Contributions Dashboard

As an employer, you're responsible for submitting contributions and managing deferral rate changes made by employees. Learn how to use the Contributions Dashboard to complete these tasks. 

To get to the Contributions Dashboard:

Overview of the Contributions Dashboard

There are four main sections on the Contributions Dashboard: 

  • Contributions
  • History
  • Other Actions
  • Employee Contributions


The Contributions section contains a snapshot of important information about upcoming tasks.

Next Pay Date

This is the date you need to submit your contributions by. It is based on the schedule you provided during registration. If you have multiple pay groups set up with the same pay date, you will need to select which pay groups to submit for. You can also submit by pay groups using the All Pay Groups dropdown in the History section.

Start Contribution Button

Click Start Contribution to begin a new payroll submission. Learn more about How to Submit Contributions Manually.

Gear Icon

Click the Gear Icon to submit, view, or edit payroll and banking information, including setting up and managing pay groups, changing payroll providers, and choosing the contributions funding method.

View Deferral Changes

Click View Deferral Changes to view pending employee deferral changes. Learn more about Updating Employee Deferral Changes.

Pending Contribution


If you start a submission for a pay group but did not complete the prior submission before the Next Pay Date, you will be prompted to:

  • Start a Contribution based on the date.
  • Resume the Pending Contribution based on the date. 


The history section contains a Grid with information about your transactions.


To filter the information on the Grid based on a specific date range or type of transaction, select from the drop-down menu Last 30 Days, All Transactions, or All Pay Groups. 

Columns on the Grid


View transactions based on pay date.

Click on any transaction by date to view specific employee details and data about the transaction.

Total Amount

View the total amount per transaction. 



View statuses of contributions:

  • Submission Started: You started a submission but did not complete it. 
  • Processing: Your submission is processing, and you may be unable to cancel it. 
  • Delivered: Your submission has been successfully processed. 
  • Missing: You can start a contribution or skip/remove a pay date.


In the action column, you can take additional actions to proceed with a submission, click on the three dots.

Click the Action you need and follow the prompts:

  • Resume Submission: Go back to a submission you started and did not complete. 
  • Restart Submission: Go back to the beginning of a submission.
  • Cancel: Cancel a submission. 

Other Actions

If you need to submit a transaction that differs from a regular pay schedule, click on Other Actions> Off-Cycle Contribution.

Off-Cycle Contribution

If you need to pay employees a bonus or other off-cycle compensation from your regular pay schedule or if you did not set a regular pay schedule, click Other Actions and select Off-Cycle Contribution. Learn more about Off-Cycle Contributions.

Employee Contribution Section 

View the total employee contributions based on the current year. 

This amount includes any contributions made directly by employee and may differ from the amount of contributions you deducted on their behalf.  



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