How to Manage Off-Cycle Contributions

There are a few reasons you may need to make an off-cycle payroll contribution, including bonuses that are paid separately from regular payrolls or if you selected “No pay schedule” during onboarding. If you selected “No schedule,” then you will not be receiving reminders to submit your payroll contributions, and it will be your ongoing responsibility to stay on top of payroll contribution submissions. 

To begin - log on to your employer portal:

Here you can see the employee list and their status. Note: Only eligible employees will show on your payroll contribution screen. If you do not see an employee listed here, you may need to add the employee by clicking on the “Add Employee” button. If you need some help, please see our article on Adding New Employees. Remember that employees must be added and employed for 30-days before being eligible for contributions.

Please follow the below instructions to submit your off-cycle payroll. 

  • Navigate to your contribution dashboard (click the contribution tab to the left of your home screen)

Click on “Other Activities,” when you click this button, it should say “Off-Cycle Contribution.”  Click on “Off-Cycle Contribution” to continue.


  • If you do not have a regular pay schedule then you may click “Start Contribution” or “Other Actions”


Start by entering the Pay Date for this contribution.


Click “Continue


Select “Upload Payroll Fileor enter the employee contribution dollars amount(s) manually.


Once everything has been entered, the “Send & Validate” button will change to ‘blue,’ and you may click on it to proceed. If you see any of the fields highlighted in red, you will need to correct the information or delete unrecognized employees from this grid.


Uploading can take several seconds; please be patient.

Once it is completed, you should see the next screen, where you have three options: 

Please select one

  • Complete Submission
  • Edit Submission
  • Cancel


After clicking Complete Submission, you should see “confetti”!


Now you will be redirected to your contribution tab and should be able to view the history of your payroll submissions and their status.


Click on the "Transaction" date in blue that you would like to review. Then you will see a screen similar to the below image. If your submission still shows as “Processing,” you still have the opportunity to cancel your submission.


Once the status shows as “Delivered,” you will no longer be able to make any changes. The processing step may take an hour (during regular business hours). We know last-minute changes may be needed; this window of time should provide you with the cushion you need to make those corrections. 

If you need to make changes to your banking information, please see our article about Bank Accounts.