Navigating the Employer Portal

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the general navigation of the Employer Portal.

The first page or "home page" is the "Employee" page.

From here, you may:


The next page is the "Contributions" page, which you get to by clicking on the icon that looks like a hand with a coin.

From here, you may:

  • Start a payroll contribution
  • Click on the "Gear" to view or edit information such as:
    • Pay Groups
    • Bank Information
    • Payment Schedule
    • Payroll Information
  • Other activities - such as "Off-cycle" Contributions
  • View contribution history


The third tab is the "Company" page. It is the Icon that looks like a little building.

The Company page has three sub-pages:

Notice the circle with the 3 lines that may be called a "Hamburger," more on that below. 

From the Company Info page, you may:

From the Bank Accounts sub-page, you may:

From the Manage Admin Team sub-page, you may:

Lastly, on the Security tab, you can view: