Navigating the Employer Portal

This article serves as a guide to the general navigation of the OregonSaves employer portal.

The home page is the "Employee" page. From here, you may:

The next page is the "Contributions" page, which you get to by clicking on the icon that looks like a hand with a coin.

From here, you may:

  • Start a payroll contribution
  • Click on the settings icon ⚙️ to view or edit information such as:
    • Pay groups
    • Bank information
    • Payment schedule
    • Payroll information
    • Other activities, such as off-cycle contributions
    • View contribution history

The third tab is the "Company" page. It is the house icon. The Company page has three sub-pages:

From the “Company Info” page, you may:

From the “Bank Accounts” sub-page, you may:

From the “Manage Admin Team” sub-page, you may: